Saturday, December 19, 2009

Solstice 2009 - light in transition

Blog calling again, I suppose.....been a while- new hip doing excellently, with much regular care and attention!
A blizzard on its way here in Albany- so the day was different than planned. No NYC - NLP gig, rather a day of yoga and other more centered reflections, explorations, communications. Ready to release the Personalized Recovery Oriented Services (PROS) readiness project, especially as I've found the staff to 'carry on'. Now's the time for deep transmission and training from all the materials I've collected & practiced with these last years with the other 7 Program Directors in the Division I was responsible for..... All good Thus, getting ready for 'the new', beginning in February, when I will leave that post 35 miles south of our home in the historic neighborhood in Albany. Whew - no more daily commute...yea!
Things that matter more now are Newell & health, family/friends, developing my body/mind/spirit business, exploring nature and community via travel. Service and consulting projects will come, no doubt. Why Not Farm barn a community space now- dear Floyd holding the energy more regularly there now...and Vern of course.....

Allie Middleton- Integrative Leadership Practices- using Otto's Theory U as much as possible for Organization Development, Executive & Team Coaching, Individual Somatic Therapy.....Newell's business in transition too, so we may have some possibilities together now...more to come on this - some interesting inquiries asking for my materials/ideas/input....................... Oh Universe, please let me serve effortlessly....let the loving soul shine forth as my guide in this transition deep appreciation, I remain! Blessed be the return of the light.

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